We cook passion sharing emotions.. Just Enjoy!

Pasta time was born to combine the passion and the culinary traditions of my Italian family from Emilia Romagna region.

For me, cooking is not just an art but it is also a way to release the passion and joy of making"something that is really good" for the ones I love.

Behind every dish, there is a story and a tradition that feeds into the food I prepare and share with you. In my kitchen, I take my time and enjoy the moment. I am a mum and grandma, and my kitchen is always filled with memories, experience, and new creations.

I believe in artisan food, handmade with time and passion. The quality is always my top priority.

I produce small batches of handmade pasta and a variety of sauces for your convenience. With Pasta time it is easy for you and your family or friends to enjoy food!

Buon appetito!






Mungowells flour is made entirely from grain grown in the East Lothian. It has been dried, stored and milled in their own flour mill to make their range of flours, all of which have travelled less than 5 food miles before leaving Mungoswells. Unlike commercial white flour theirs have small darker flecks in it. These are tiny particles of bran, the outer protective skin on a grain of wheat which contanins more  protein and fibre and adds flavour. Their wholemeal flours truly have nothing taken out or put in. The flakes of bran can be seen throughout.


You can find all their range of products at: www.mungoswells.co.uk


If you would like to celebrate something special or simply guest your friends without any thought, Pasta Experience is always the right solution. I will be happy to cook, serve and clean up for you…….Just Enjoy!




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